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Motorsatria Kawasaki 800cc motorcycle Sport is indeed classified as very expensive, the price data from the 2014 bike at a price tag of 173 million but now the price has risen to 210 millions. Price Kawasaki Z800 is specifically for Greater Jakarta and surrounding areas, there may be difference in prices elsewhere.

Besides several advantages of this motorcycle Kawasaki Z800, this bike also has some drawbacks. The first shortcoming that is not equipped with a power mode options and features traction control. It is felt when used for driving more relaxed and slowly will be difficult to control the power that comes out of it overflowing. Another downside is that the motor stern look slimmer and thinner than the previous variants. Other deficiencies that only comes under the fairing and fairing minimal in the fuel tank. If equipped with a full fairing, his appearance would be more lost interest.

Price Kawasaki Z800 2015 is more expensive because it has been upgraded in some parts. Z800 is included in the premium class so natural that if the price is high. Although expensive, but the lovers moge still many who are interested in having the Kawasaki Z800 is due to a very exclusive design and modern but still multifunctional. Kawasaki Z prestige of a big motor is already well known for a long time and is strong enough so that the problems qualities of the iron horse is not in doubt. harga motor satria fu 150

Motor sport fans would have been very familiar with the Kawasaki Ninja R. Motor is loved because of its speed amazing. Additionally, Ninja R suitable for those concerned with style and sporty look for the iron horse of his choice. Although the price of Kawasaki Ninja R is high enough, it does not make people hesitate to choose it as their mounts. Nearly 20 years, coloring Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle market in Indonesia. With the innovation of new and increasingly serious, Kawasaki began to break the myth of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia. One of the often feared people when buying a Kawasaki motorcycle products are spare parts which are quite expensive and hard to find. With the increasing number of authorized dealers and repair shops Kawasaki in Indonesia, then this myth has begun to be broken. People now do not worry anymore trouble finding original spare parts Kawasaki motorcycle.

On price, Kawasaki apparently did not budge alias remain at their high price tag of the products made for them. It also makes people reluctant to draw closer to Kawasaki. They prefer to buy motors from other manufacturers steeper price. With a sales strategy that remains kekeuh at a high price, it seems Kawasaki did know exactly which market they want to go. Kawasaki is specifically operates in markets that have a high idealist to the automotive segment. Kawasaki Ninja R is one of their efforts to accommodate the fast motorcycle enthusiasts. Here are the specifications and price of Kawasaki Ninja R: motor new satria f150

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